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Quick and simple video chat rooms

Creating a chat room is as easy as navigating to our URL followed by your room name, for example:

Either create a quick, temporary chat room to instantly be able to invite people and chat, or register an account for a permanent chat room. Permanent chat rooms will reserve the name and URL, allow for additional settings, customisation and controls. It's a great place to start a long standing community.

Create an account to reserve your own permanent customisable room, as well as a personal profile.

No setup required

No need to download any applications or plugins, JumpInChat uses WebRTC, a recent browser-based method of sending and receiving video and audio, so you'll never have to worry about updating Flash again!

Video chat will work out-of-the-box, on all modern browsers and mobile devices and is future proof, using the latest web technologies.

Up to 12 broadcasters

What's the best way to really get to know people? By talking to them face-to-face of course! JumpInChat allows for up to 12 broadcasters at any one time, with live video and audio chat. There's no better way to socialize and make life-time friends.