Age Verification

What is it?

Verifying your age will allow you to create age-restricted rooms, as well as allowing you to broadcast in them. Age restricted rooms have lower restrictions, and things such as nudity will be permitted.

However, broadcasting in age restricted is only possible by users that have verified their age.

How do I verify my age?

The process for verifying is simple. First, open the age verification form. Upload a picture of a valid ID, as well as it next to your face. An administrator or user with age-checking permissions will then review your request and if it is found to be valid, will set your account as Age Verified. You will also have the Age Verified trophy added to your profile.

Note: You will need a verified email before you can send an age verification request.

What happens next?

Once submitted, an administrator will be notified of a new age verification request and will review it as soon as they can. A review can have one of three outcomes:

If the ID is clear and valid, and the DoB clearly shows you are over 18, your request will be approved

If the ID is unclear, the photo is blurry or required information obscured, the request will be rejected and you will be required to resubmit.

If the ID clearly shows you are in fact not over 18, your request will be declined. You will not be able to submit another request for seven days.

If your request could not be reviewed within seven days for some reason, it will become expired and you will have to resubmit.