Cams and Broadcasting

Browser requirements

JumpInChat uses a technology called WebRTC for video streams, which is a way to transfer data to and from a browser. WebRTC is supported on the latest versions most major browsers except Internet Explorer. In order to view and broadcast you will need either Chrome, Firefox. Safari 11+ and recent versions of iOS can currently not support video, all broadcasts will be received as audio-only. It should also work on later versions of Android (e.g. Chrome Mobile and Samsung Internet).

Browser permissions

In order to broadcast, your browser must have permission to access your audio and video media sources. Your browser should ask for permissions for your webcam and microphone when you select them, but you can also define them yourself from the site settings dropdown in your browser.

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox

Screen sharing

Screen sharing is supported for desktop browsers only currently (Chrome and Firefox). Firefox supports it out-of-the-box. Chrome, however, requires an extension due to increased restrictions on permissions. You can get the Chrome extension here. It is provided my Meetecho who develop the media server JumpInChat uses for managing it's streams.