Moderator help

Assigning moderators

Assigning moderators is an essential part of running a stable chat room. Moderators can ban or silence disruptive users, close broadcasts and depending on the room settings, play videos and manage the playlist.

Moderators can be assigned in two ways.

  1. Firstly, the room owner can add a moderator in the room settings. Owner-assigned moderators are considered permanent, and will retain their status as long as the room owner keeps them there.

  2. Secondly, a permanent moderator can assign another user. Assigned moderators will be added to the room's moderator list. However, unlike permanent moderators they can be un-assigned by any other permanent moderator.

In guest rooms, the first user in the room is the moderator by default. Users can be assigned via the user list menu or a command by any other moderator.

User management commands

open the room banlist
/assignmod [nickname or username]
make a user a moderator. Moderators must be a registered user and will be added to the room's moderator list.
/removemod [nickname or username]
remove a user's moderator status. Moderators assigned by the room owner can not be removed.
/close [nickname or username]
close a user's broadcast
/ban [handle or username] [(optional) duration (hours)]
ban a user for a specified duration, or 24 hours if no value is given. Users will not be able to re-join a room until the ban expires or is cleared.
/unban [handle]
unban a user
/silence [handle or username]
silence a user for 2 minutes
/kick [handle or username]
boot a user from the room. Note that this does not ban the user, rather it allows you to remove users that are afk, lurking or have disconnected and are lingering. Alternatively, it could be considered a warning to troublesome users
remove all message from the chat feed (in case someone posts something they shouldn't have)
/topic [topic message]
set the room topic