Room help

Types of rooms

Temporary rooms

Temporary rooms are the default type of rooms. They are created when ever you navigate to a URL, such as Like their name implies, they are temporary, and will exist so long as there are users in it. After the last user leaves, the room will be removed.

Once a temporary room has been created, the first user will be assigned as a moderator. This user has the ability to assign other moderators. Aside from this, there is no configuration of these rooms.

Temporary rooms can not be created if the room name has already been registered. Instead, you will enter the existing room.

Registered rooms

Registered rooms are created upon registering a user account. Your chosen username will be used as the rooms's name, which is also used to reserve a URL. For example registering a user with the username jump will create a room accessible at

Benefits in registering a room include the ability to customise it, as well as access to configuration options in the room settings. These include setting room display pictures and descriptions, which will be presented on the room directory

You can also assign users as moderators by adding their usernames to the moderator list. Users added to the moderator list will remain moderators until they are removed.

Other settings include the ability to add additional restrictions. For example, hide the room from the directory, require users to be registered or add a password, and restrict playing YouTube videos to moderators. Becoming a site supporter also allows adding custom emoji for all users in your room to use.

Age restrictions

By default, rooms have restrictions as to what actions can be done on camera. You can read up on these restrictions in detail in the terms and conditions.

In your room settings you can set your room to be age restricted. This will have several implications. Firstly, it removes some restrictions on what can be broadcasted. Namely nudity and sexual activities. More information can be found in the relevant section in the terms and conditions. Secondly it enforces restrictions on who is able to broadcast. Only users who have verified their age as over 18 years will be able to broadcast. Thirdly, your room will no longer be displayed on the public room list.

It must be noted, however, that by setting your room as age restricted you will not be able to revert it to it's previous state. So be sure that this is what you want.